High Beams-Meet the Cast!

Tina Daniels – Allison

Tina Daniels is a voice actor and writer based out of Oklahoma. She’s been involved in the world of audio fiction for a few years, but is only recently becoming comfortable branching out with her work.  A few places you can hear her are Moonbase Theta, Out, The Devil Hates Mondays, and Witches of the City.   For more information on any upcoming projects, you can find her at:

Ps: Unpopular Halloween opinion? Jason X is the best Friday the 13th movie, and those weird orange and black wrapped peanut butter taffy things no one likes, are one of the best Halloween candies. Hands down.

Lance McDonald – The Driver

Lance is a Jamaican-American voice actor from Pennsylvania, USA. He has been voice acting for 2 and a half years with several years of narrating on YouTube. Having fun and going with the flow are his mantras. He’s done the mobile game Panic Gem Odyssey as well the game Strike Heroes. He also does audiobooks, such as the children book Juven-Isle as well as a few regional commercials.

Michelle McCann – The Cop

Allison’s Dad – Sixto Storms

Narration, Written, Directed, Foley, and Music by M. of Picture it Podcast.

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