Halloween Treat 2020 – High Beams

Happy Halloween!

We decided to do something new and unique for this year, create on audio drama based off a personal favorite Scary Story To Tell In The Dark, “High Beams” by Alvin Schwartz. This is very much our own expanded adaption of this, complete with a full score.

If you guys like this, then perhaps every so often we’ll drop one of these.

This wouldn’t be possible without the following individuals lending their vocal talents to us:

  • Allison – Tina Daniels
  • The Driver – Lance McDonald
  • The Cop – Michelle McCann
  • Allison’s Dad – Sixto Storms

For more information on them, and their social media links please check our website out, PictureItPodcast.com.

I know it’s been awhile but we are coming back, just have been working on some neat things here at home base, you’ll hear about them soon enough, for now please enjoy the first ever Picture It Production.

Let’s Get Weird….

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